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Version: 4.x

Using Vest in node

Using Vest in node is mostly the same as it is in the browser, but you should consider your runtime.

Validation state

When running your validations in your api, you usually want to have stateless validations to prevent leakage between requests.

Read more about Vest's state.

require vs import

Depending on your node version and the module system you support you can use different syntax to include Vest.

Most compatible: commonjs

To be on the safe side and compatible with all node versions, use a require statement.

const vest = require('vest');
const { test, enforce } = vest;

Node 14

With node 14's support of package entry points, node should be able to detect on its own which import style you use and load the correct bundle.

Both of the following should work:

import { create, test } from 'vest';
const vest = require('vest');