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Version: 4.x

eager mode, failing fast

Sometimes we wish to fail fast and not continue run subsequent tests of a failing field. We can do this manually per test using skipWhen, but if we want to do this automatically for all the tests in the suite, we can set the suite to eager mode.

eager mode means that once a test of a given field fails, the suite will not continue running subsequent tests of that same field. Other tests will run normally.

Eager mode disregards groups and nested blocks, meaning that a failing field at any level, will skip its subsequent runs regardless of where the test was specified.


import { create, eager, test, enforce } from 'vest';

const suite = create(data => {
  eager(); // set the suite to eager mode

  test('name', 'Name is required', () => {

  // this test will not run if the previous test fails
  // because the suite is in eager mode
  test('name', 'Name is too short', () => {